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Given my busy schedule, I find it very difficult to fit lead generation time in on a daily basis.  RECR has delivered on their promise of consistent leads.  In the first 2 months after joining them, I have closed one lead and am actively working with several potential buyers!

Their customer service are great and are willing to resolve any issues that come up in a timely and fair manner.  I definitely recommend this company for a method of lead generation.  Great work Guys!
Kelly Webster
Keller Williams VIP Realty

I have used RECR for over three years now.  On average, I have gained an additional $15,000 in commissions per year from RECR leads!

RECR is a valuable part of my business and should be a part of any agents business plan.
Jamie Parker
Keller Williams Realty

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  You guys have been absolutely terrific.  The leads I have received have been quality.  I've been with RECR since March of 2011.  The five leads i purchased to test it out were all good and verified like you said.  The second lead I called me with me and closed on a house in May!  I'm so pleased with your service I've ordered twenty more.  I have so many good prospects that I'm now referring them out to one of my agents. 

I would recommend this service to any agent or broker.  Whether you are just getting started or have been in the business for years, this service would be an added boost.  Since starting my business in 2004, this is by far the best results I've had from a lead service.  Simply put, RECR ROCKS!
Kionne Johnson
Kingly Properties

I am part of a group of agents that work leads from RECR.  My experience with them has been very good.  I have found them to be thorough in their lead information.  The leads are easy to reach, and I usually contact them via email.

Their customer service department also replies in a timely fashion when I have any questions.  If you sign up for this service and work the leads diligently, it can easily increase your production. 
Micki Foshee
McWaters & Assoc. Realtors

My experience with RECR has been outstanding!  Their service certainly has delivered for me.  Over the last couple of months i have received the amount of leads they promised me, and I hae closed 2 transactions.  I am actively working with many others that are all interested in buying a home soon.

Their customer service department is always helpful in assisting me with any questions or problems that I may have.  I would not hesitate in using them as a lead generating service.  My investment has more than paid off!
Cyndy Potter
Team Hernandez Real Estate

I have had great Success with Real Estate Client Referrals. The  leads I am sent are serious buyers. If a lead falls within the dispute parameters, they replace it with no fuss.

I would recommend this service to any real estate agent that is serious about generating buyer side business.


Cheri Nice
Liz Moore & Associates

I have had 2 closings last year, we have 3 set to close before mid April, and 5 new ACTIVE leads working right now.  If those close I will be more than satisfied with my ROI.   Many leads happen to be 1st time buyers where the homes are less expensive but there are some leads with more expensive homes too.  

Remember, these leads are from the internet, so your job as a Realtor will be to do your magic on the phone. The deals are there to be had.  They are my favorite lead source so far and would recommend them to anyone.  
Barbara Clayton & Norman Lovitch
Spirit Realty Professionals

I have been subscribed to this service for just over six months and I love it. RECR has been and continues to be a great resource of leads for my business. Their customer service is also great answering any of my questions about the service or regarding my leads.

Robert Young
Re/Max Chay Realty Inc.

Real Estate Client Referrals delivers the best vetted prospects from any of my internet advertising.  The RECR referrals allow me to focus on converting prospects to clients, rather than having to sift through numerous dead end leads.  Their interviews remove the need for filtering out unmotivated buyers, and result in real prospects, who are actively searching for homes, and want my assistance.

I highly recommend RECR for agents who are looking to get hot leads, eager to buy in their target market areas.

Ty Voyles
RE/Max Allegiance

Capitol Realty Team

I have been using leads from Real Estate Client Referrals for going on 3 years and absolutely love the customer service and quality of leads from this company. In fact, one of the customer service reps recently gave me a great idea to help me improve and grow my business even more.

I would fully recommend this company to anyone wanting to add to their lead generation methods.

Shannon Wilford
Keller Williams Realty

This is a fantastic service! I receive well qualified leads and the first deal I ever closed was because of this referral program. I highly recommended it!

Robert Di Corrado
Castle Quest Royal Real Estate

I just wanted to let you know that I think your Lead Generation System is great! I have tried others to no avail. Since I went with RECR I have closed 33% of the leads you have sent my way. Keep it up please!

Steve Wolff
Eudaily and Company

I have been working with Real Estate Client Referrals for about 5 months now and could not be happier with the service and results that I have received. I am actively working with over 40 buyers who are all interested in purchasing a home in 2011!

 I was extremely leery of getting involved with any lead generation companies initially, but after carefully researching RECR and speaking with many agents nationwide who have been successful with their service, I purchased my first package and the rest is history. Any issues I have had with unreliable leads have been cleared up quickly and easily.  All the other leads that I have received have been credible, qualified, and REAL!

I would recommend RECR to any agent who has some extra marketing money budgeted and wants to generate more business with less prospecting! I'd be happy to speak with anyone who has questions about this quality service.


Richard Kirsch
Keller Williams West Monmouth Realty

I have been receiving leads from RECR for several months now and have closed on one property at $400,000 and am working with several other potential buyers that could result in a closing within the next two months.                     

I have used other referral services in the past and feel I am receiving better filtered leads from RECR. In addition, their customer service helps me with any problems I may have. My $2000.00 investment has more than paid for itself.

Tom Miesen
Century 21

I have recently returned to working with RECR. I was previously with them in 2008 through early 2010 and had much success with their system. The clients all expect my call and I ended up closing several deals from the clients that I was sent.

The Customer Service department is very helpful and always there to help me if I have questions. I am glad to have my territory back and be working with them again. I look forward to more closings for years to come. I just rejoined the network and got my first lead already!

Heather Park
Century 21

I have been working with the Real Estate Client Referrals company for the past year, and have found it to be a very favorable relationship.  The very first referral I received resulted in my clients purchasing a home that they are very happy with, and the added bonus is these folks are now friends.  After that, I closed more deals, and formed more friendships.

A very key thing to me is that Real Estate Client Referrals is honorable.  I have received several referrals who were unreachable after many attempts.  When I explained the situation to the company, they removed these names and added new referrals.  I have now signed up for a new set of referrals expecting more good results. 

Evelyn Doerksen
Century 21 Executives

I have been with RECR for over a year now.  I have found the leads I receive have been very good and I have been able to contact most all of the potential clients they send me.  The customer support at RECR is also very helpful and very easy to get a hold of. 

I would highly recommend RECR to anyone considering a lead generating service to help them find buyers and sellers.  I have enjoyed my experience to this point and they have done everything they said they would do!
Rick Turriff
Shorewest Realtors

I really appreciate the excellent service your associates at Real Estate Client Referrals have extended to me and my team this past year. We are very grateful for all the leads you have generated for us and the fairness you have own us in determining the quality of these leads. It is nice to know that if a problem comes up, it is handled quickly and fairly. We look forward to a continued successful business relationship with Real Estate Client Referrals!
Jeff Jordan
Re/Max Excels

RECR is simply the best lead generation site available. Your potential clients already know you are calling and are sent out a quick bio by email. The information they provide is verified so you are not sent any false leads. If you have any problems with the leads, you can make contact with RECR and have the lead investigated. You can also pick the areas you want to work in. I have been with RECR for 2 years and have had numerous successful transactions I would never have had if the lead wasn't sent from the site. You only need 1 lead to come through and 1 commission check and the site is paid for numerous times over.

Thanks RECR for making my life easier !!!
Kevin Higgins
Coldwell Banker

It was with caution that I first started my affiliation with RECR.  I very tentatively bought the smallest package I could; just to give them a try.  I had been burned so many times before with would be technology partners that promise the moon and deliver absolutely nothing in return.  

I am happy to say that I just recently bought a much larger package (even though I am not yet through my initial offering) and am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with RECR.  I absolutely would not have done so if the leads that they had generated were not quality leads.  They are absolutely as advertised!

Kent Earl
Realty Executives Devonshire

Thank-you for your continued support! The leads I receive from RECR are helping generate business in these tough economic times. The internet leads your company provides to me gives me the edge on my competition and the opportunity to capture future Buyers. I am very cautious in where I spend my money but the benefits I receive from the leads provided are confirming that this is an intelligent decision for my future business.

Thanks again, and keep the leads coming!

David McDonnell
Excel Realty Services, Inc

I have been working with Real Estate Client Referrals for close to a year now. When I signed up, I was skeptical and gave it a shot for the smallest package of leads. And out of that batch I closed a deal and pocketed $4,000, which more than paid for the package and left me with a healthy profit.

So when my representative called me again to see about taking more clients, I went with a much larger deal. I figure a 400% return on my investment is more than worth it. I get a steady stream of clients from RECR that I normally would not have had and the people there are incredible to work with.  They are very attentive to my needs and very friendly.

Michele Sommerville
Re/Max Real Estate Centre

I have been using Real Estate Client Referrals since May of 2008. Not only have I continually had a steady stream of good quality clients to work with from them, but I have closed numerous deals that I never would have had thanks to this. I have purchased several packages from them and have dealt with many people in the process. I am always impressed with their level of customer service and their willingness to solve any issues I have. I just bought another package and look forward to getting more closings from this new batch!

Neil Schultz
Coldwell Banker Associates

I have been using Real Estate Client Referrals for a number of months now, and I can say that they do exactly what it is they say they will do. I get clients regularly from them. If the lead is a dud, I simply notify them and they will gladly replace them for me along the way. They have a great Customer Service department and are very attentive to any request that I have. Honesty and integrity are hard to find in business these days, and these guys really do deliver.

Billy Alt
Realty World Luxury Homes

I am thrilled to be partnering with RECR. They provide me solid, exclusive, numerous and very current leads. Best of all, immediately after talking with the RECR representative my referral is looking forward to a call from me. Also, it is very impressive that they work hard to keep my name in front of the client with a personalized weekly Email Drip Campaign for every one of my client referrals.

RECR's customer service is second to none. If I have any questions or issues they are easily and quickly addressed and resolved. With the challenges that we face in today's real estate market it is a real relief to be able to bank on the high quality client leads from RECR.

Nancy Davis, Realtor
United Country Wheat Realty

RECR has delivered consistent leads to me since I signed up with them in 2008. I would suggest this system to anybody.  Trust me; signing up with them is worth it.  Thanks again for all your help RECR!

Mike Burman
Re/Max Legend Brokerage

I have been working with RECR for the past couple years. My investment has paid off multiple times over with a number of leads that have led to closed transactions. And I have some prospects in my pipeline that I expect will purchase further down the road.

Jeff Heidt, Broker
Your Realty Professional, LLC

"I have been working with Real Estate Client Referrals since August 2007. I was skeptical at first, but figured if they can back it up, it would be worth it in the long run. Here we are....two and change years later...and I have personally pocketed $25,000 in commissions from the referrals I have gotten from RECR just in the last year...AND I am still working with dozens of clients that I have received from them! These are real people that really want to speak with an agent. More than that...they actually speak with me when I call them. You really can't ask for anything better than that. This program works!"
Greg Shillington
Re/Max Grande Prairie

"In this market, an online presence is crucial as buyers are doing their own research in buying properties. I would like to say that RECR is the only online referral service that I would use for buyer leads for a couple of reasons. You have an exclusive city which is your territory and every lead is exclusive so you don't have to worry about competing with other agents , and If there is any problem or dispute with a lead, just call customer service and they are phenomenal at replacing bad leads...For any realtor that is serious about picking up quality buyers, this is a proven system that works."

Tony R. Serrano
- Broker
Century 21 Merit

Thanks for the great service we get from Real Estate Referrals! We've tried a few referral programs and have been burned, but your company is serious about what you do. The referral you send is either a good one (people who say they are ready to engage in a real estate transaction) or not. If not, you remove that customer from your referral list and issue another one in its place. Our agents have had great success with these customers... they may as well have walked in the front door! Thanks for your dedication and follow-through.

Joe Bottorff, Broker/Owner,

CRS, EcoBroker DOC Real Estate, Inc.

My business partner Gary and I have been with RECR for approximately a year and a half. During that time we have gotten several closings from those leads. Now, our RECR leads are sending us their friends!

The customer service has been exceptional and Gary and I would recommend this lead generation program to you for your area. Not all leads are serious, not all leads can qualify for a loan. But what makes this program great is that RECR calls the leads first to establish a relationship with them for you before your first call to them. Once you get the call, its now up to you and your own personalized marketing skills.

Sherilyn Cervantes & Gary Murphy
ERA Herman Group Real Estate

"Empress Group, Inc. has been using the Real Estate Client Referral system for over five months. The leads generated by the system have increased our business three-fold (Yes, that's a 300% increase!!!) and provided a steady stream of transactions!! We are very pleased with the responsiveness of the Customer Service professionals who provides a high level of service. As broker/owner, I don't hesitate to recommend this system to brokers and agents alike!!"

Silas Mariano,

RMS, Broker/Owner Empress Group, Inc.

"Real Estate Client Referrals has been a great lead generator for me. Of the first 40 leads I received I was able to work with nine of them. I closed one of them in November and had two other clients between $800,000 and $2, 000,000 coming into town within three weeks. It is the best bang for your buck."

Dennis O'Brien

The Real Estate Group

"I have been with Real Estate Client Referrals for the better part of four years now...and I think they are fantastic!! I had two closings last month (August, 2009) from RECR and I have two more this month!! One of my leads generated four closings, 1 listing, and two more potential buyers!! In this market, where it is so hard to get deals to the table, it is great to have a company like Real Estate Client Referrals as a lead generating tool. They screen the clients so you don't get bogus people and the referrals are receptive to you. I have never had any person get upset with me for calling. For the record, I am a REAL real estate agent...you can look me up. This company is so great!! I really believe in the referral system and in RECR! I won't use any other referral company!! Their program is fantastic!! It is the best marketing investment that you can make!!

Beverly Hicks
Remax Alliance

To the Realtor's hanging on the fence to join RECR:

I, too, was skeptical to enroll in any lead program that required money up front after experiencing some real lousy resources. Actually, about six companies. I liked and still like RECR because if I cannot contact the buyer or seller, I am able to get a credit for a new lead within the seven days.

One of my successful buyers is buying her fifth home as an investment. We all know that in three - to five years, I will be selling them for her. Right now, she is renting them to prospective future buyers, most of which were short sale sellers who had to rent. In three years with an increase in their credit score, the renters will be buyers again.

I also like that RECR calls the buyer or seller to confirm the criteria information. I also like the idea when I call the prospect, they were expecting me to call. Not tell me, "how did you get my information and do not call me again..." as I have heard from other real estate lead programs.

I am one of 70+ agents at Five Star Realty Group LLC and I enjoy being Realtor of the Month for many months this year! I have referred RECR to other agents many times. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me or call me. You can't lose

Paulette Korr

Five Star Realty Group LLC

"I have been working with Real Estate Client Referrals for about four years now. I have tried others, and constantly have other companies calling me to jump on board with them but I wouldn't leave Real Estate Client Referrals for anything!
There are several things that I really love about your system.

First, is the number of leads that I know that I am guaranteed to get, and for a guaranteed price there are no surprises! Because of how the system is set up, I can have a number of different areas that are all exclusive to me. I am fortunate to have a high volume of leads that come in every week so much so, that I have had to hire buyer agents to help me deal with the volume of leads that come in every month. That's a nice problem for a REALTOR to have!

Second, is the quality of the leads that I get. When the prospective buyer goes online, and checks out the site, it is made very clear to them that they will be contacted by an agent, so they are actually expecting my call.

Furthermore, you contact the individual a 2nd time before I get the lead to ensure that the information is confirmed, and that I am not going to receive a bad lead. I convert about 40% of the leads right away, meaning when I call them, they are ready and willing to go.

A lot of these people either already own a home (double ending potential) or are looking to flip homes (long-term business from the buying and flipping process). About 30% are people who will be buying or selling, just not right away for one reason or another. However, by putting them on my database and keeping in touch, I eventually get the sales as I am probably one of the only realtors who have kept in touch while they get themselves prepared to buy.

Lastly, would be the customer service and sales department I so much appreciate. They go out of their way to ensure that the leads are good, that I am kept up-to-date when I need to top up my account and that if I do run into any bad leads, that I am credited back for those. Really, it is a no lose situation for me.

The business that I generate from RECR usually makes up to about 40% of my total business year after year. This year so far, I have generated over $30,000 in closed commissions, and have buyers/sellers that I am working with right now that should earn me an additional $25,000 before the end of the 2nd Quarter! On top of that I have many other leads in the pipeline that should also close in 2007. This is revenue that I have generated over and above any of my other marketing systems, and does not include the commissions that I now earn from my buyers agents who are also working these leads that I give them. I would say, "Anyone that doesn't think those are fantastic returns for the investment is crazy!"

The key to this system being successful is ultimately down to the agent. Real Estate Client Referrals provides me with the prospect asking for information to make their purchase. However, unless I act quickly, contact the lead, build the relationship and close the deal, it doesn't matter what kind of system RECR has. I, like most agents, spend thousands of dollars every year on marketing and advertising but how much of that actually converts into closed commissions? This system costs me far less money, and I know that I am guaranteed business it really is that simple! Thank you." test

Amanda King

Brampton, Ontario

"As a Realtor, I suppose there is a part of me that is always a little bit skeptical of all of the offers that come my way. It seems sometimes that things are not always what they seem. When I was first contacted by Real Estate Client Referrals, the skeptic in me was concerned if this was really all they said it would be. I am SOOOO glad that I took the leap of faith and signed up! I was in the process of going through a divorce and had not actively participated in my Real Estate Career in over two years. After signing with the Company, I went from no deals and no prospects, to four listings, and over 15 buyers from around the country. It has saved my financial outlook, and now as a single Mom I no longer have to worry about the bills, or being able to take that dream vacation. My leads are almost always good, and if they are not, I throw them back, like small fish, and get another one. I love the business plan, it works and continues to send me new business all the time! I thank God for the call from RECR, it has definitely been an answer to my prayers."
Sherry Compton
Allison James Estate & Homes

"As a real estate agent for over 25 years I'm "wowed" at how qualified your leads have been. In the first few months of our signing up we have already closed two transactions totaling about $16,000.00 in commissions.  At this rate you will have me as a client for the rest of my career. Thanks a million and looking forward to many more referrals in the near future.
Frank Monardo,
Century 21 Best Sellers Ltd.

I've been a member of Real Estate Client Referrals for almost two years...And, in that time, the service has provided me with clients from across the country and Canada resulting in dozens of sales! It is the very best investment I've ever made in expanding my real estate business.
Todd Herberg
Proformance Realty Concepts

I wanted to thank you for the part RECR is playing in my success this year.  I just closed my first transaction with clients who were sent to me by RECR only about two months ago (I had them under contract within a couple of weeks - we have been in escrow until now).
While I am obviously thrilled to have had such a nice quick sale that has basically already paid for the program, I am in various stages of talking and working with a number of other good folks who have come to me through RECR.  It seems obvious to me at this point that these leads will continue to play a significant part in the success I am having this year.  THANK YOU!
Rick Wolff
Town & Country Realty

I first signed up with RECR in the fall of 2009. The very first lead they sent me converted into a closing, within a month the service had already paid for itself!

Since then I have been steadily receiving leads, some of which have turned into clients.  I can confidently recommend the service to any Realtor interested in working with more qualified leads.
James Knull

What a great way to find clients in this real estate market.  I like how RECR sends me clients that are really looking for a  property.  I would recommend this program to any agent and encourage them to sign up in their area now before its gone!
Brenda Calder
Bowes & Cocks Limited

I have been using Real Estate Client Referrals for almost three years now.  In that time I have received great leads that have rewarded me financially many times over .  Thank you RECR!
Kari Christen
Elite Realty

I signed up with RECR about 8 months ago. I bought 10 referrals to start. I thought its $1000, if I get one closing it will have more than paid for itself. I had one close almost immediately, paid me $6000!

Josh West
Keller Williams VIP

In early August 2010, I  was contacted by one of your sales reps Jennifer regarding joining the RECR lead network.  Over the summer months I had received several requests to join other companies but none impressed me with their business plan as RECR did.

Kay Bryan
Re/Max Unlimited

I wrote my first contract with a client referred to me only 10 days after signing up with RECR!  I remember the sales rep from your company didn't want to bring me into your system unless I was serious about growing my business and she was right!  I'm very excited about this and feel the best is yet to come. Thanks a Million!
J. Don Collier, MBA

I signed up with Real Estate Client Referrals in July 2010. I must say my experience with them has been fantastic! By the second client RECR sent me, I had closed my first client from them. I recommend this program to everyone because they honor what they promise.  Thanks RECR!
Gina Moody
Remax United

RECR has been a excellent tool to kick start my Real Estate career!  The staff is very friendly and courteous and the leads generated are great. I would recommend this service to any agent no matter how long they have been in the business.
Ryan Nager
Occasio Realty

I have been associated with RECR for quite a while now and can honestly say they have provided me with some great clients.  The people at RECR are great to work with and have been very responsive to my needs. 
James Winans
McGuire Real Estate

My husband & I are a team in ChicagoLand. We have been with RECR for 16 months, and can honestly say that 70-80% of our closed deals are RECR leads! We are the only agents receiving leads in our designated areas, and this is one of the best reasons to be with RECR- EXCLUSIVE Territories! The staff is friendly, helpful and co-operative. Your account can be customized in several ways to provide you with the kind of leads you want... and those leads are pre-screened by several useful criteria. We intend to continue our relationship with RECR... because it WORKS!
Debi Salling
Option Realty Group

Lead Generation. Isn't that the key to success in Real Estate? Without leads we can not have closings! I keep many forms of lead generation in operation. RECR is a part of the equation and has supplied me with good quality leads. I plan on including them in my business plan for many years to come
Kristina Cusick
C.J. Brown Realtors

I joined Real Estate Client Referrals in April and just had my 3rd closing, with one more under contract and several others that I contact regularly. I have found customer service to be very helpful and willing to replace leads that are bad.
Steve Bing
Virtual Properties Realty

I have never been the type of agent who uses referral based systems to generate leads but when Real Estate Client Referrals asked me to become the representative for my region I said 'yes'...The reason? Their professionalism and ease of use made it an easy decision. I have renewed my package several times and frequently get qualified leads in my region that turn into sales. In fact I recently just closed a transaction from a lead generated from Real Estate Client Referrals. I feel confident in this system. knowing that I am the only agent in my region who receives these referrals. There's no reason not to join, I see it as a risk free way to increase my production by meeting qualified leads that I would never have met otherwise
Jennifer Egan
Royal Lepage Butkovich & Associates Brokerage

"Thanks to Real Estate Client Referrals that I am able to provide my agents with both seller and buyer leads on a consistent basis. Even better yet, all leads have been already pre-qualified and pre-screened so the only thing left to do is show and sell. With more and more buyers and sellers choosing the Internet as their first step to buying or selling a home, Internet lead generation must be a part of every real estate agent's business strategy. RECR has made that easy for me and my agents"
Nick Manis
Manis Realtors

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I have been to join RECR. I have been given, since March 2009, 13 very good referrals and have closed two of those this week. I can not thank your sales representative enough for having called me on that fateful day when I was the duty agent and took the call for a British lady who had contacted you and wished to buy on the West Island of Montreal. I hesitated some what. Did a bit of investigating and took the plunge. She happens to be renting around the corner from where I live and after a preliminary contact we met and hit it off immediately. She, her husband and little family are delighted with their purchase and the transaction went extremely well. With many thanks once again
Huguette de Martigny
Royal Le Page Elite

"I have worked with Real Estate Client Referrals for a long time now and they have been good to work with. Any time I called, they were able to help me and made me feel like I am important! In this market, an online presence is crucial as buyers are doing their own research in buying properties. I would like to say that ( recr) is the only online referral service that I would use for buyer leads for a couple of reasons. You have an exclusive area, which is your territory and every lead is exclusive so you don't have to worry about competing with other agents and if there is any problem or dispute with a lead, just call customer service and they are great at replacing bad leads...For any realtor that is serious about picking up quality buyers THIS PROGRAM IS A MUST"
David Tatangelo

"I got my first referral on Thursday afternoon. I contacted them that afternoon. Met with them on Friday. Showed them the 1st house on Sunday and wrote an offer and contracted on Tuesday. Client was expecting my call and I am very happy with this service. I look forward to a long working relationship with Real Estate Client Referrals."
Joshua Whitle
Alamance County Realty

"I have been with Real Estate Client Referrals since March 2009. I have already closed a number of deals from the leads that I have received!! RECR is an amazing and reliable referral system and, even when the market was slow, RECR was consistant in sending me solid leads. It's worth every single penny that I have invested!! RECR is the best investment that Realtors could do for themselves."

Suchita Kahlon
Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd

"I have been a participant for over 1 year now and have had no complaints to their service. They not only provide me with excellent leads, but the customer service has been outstanding. This is the one referral agency that I have belonged to that I whole heartedly recommend. This is a top notch agency!"

Crystal Jacobs

Jackson Real Estate and Auction

"I got a referral from Real Estate Client Referrals who needed to sell their Chula Vista condo quickly. I marketed it as an "urgency sale" to get the word out quickly to prospective buyers. I was able to sell the condo just 72 hours later!"

Gary Giffin
Keller Williams Realty

"I have been an active subscriber with Real Estate Client Referrals for several years now. I have tried lead generation services with several of RECR's competitors over the past few years and was simply not-happy with their terms & conditions, or with the quality of their leads. I am very satisfied with the quality of the referrals I'm getting from RECR and with the pricing. I will probably remain as one of their active subscribers for many years to come. "

Ray Mallard
United Property Brokers

"I just finished writing an offer for another RECR referral! It works! I've been using this tool for over two years, and it has been a great way to supplement my normal business. I plan on continuing to use this terrific service!"

Peg Jacobs
Prudential Georgia Realty

"I have been a member of Real Estate Client Referrals for more than a year and I am very happy with their services! I have had several closings from leads I have received from them. On occasion I will receive leads that the client has told me they didn't want to speak to a Realtor, however when that happens I just return the lead to the support department and they are replaced with another lead."

Jim Cacioppo
Grand Realty Group

"I've been using Real Estate Client referral for over a year now and think the referrals are great. I've closed over $12,000.00 in commissions so far with three more waiting to write offers. You can trust Real estate Client Referrals."

Alan Stokfisz
Remerica Home town One

"I have worked with Real Estate Client Referrals for a long time now and they have been great to work with. Any time I called, they were able to help me and made me feel like an important part of their business."

Dennis Opperman

Realty Executives Metro One

"I have received referrals from RECR for several years. The clients have been great to work with. I had just moved to the State of Utah and did not know many people. I have built up my Core Group of contacts with clients I have received from RECR. Those clients are now recommending me to their family and friends. The people are great to work with and it adds a measure of stability to my business."

Janice Smart
ReMax Excel

"I have been using Real Estate Client Referrals for a couple of months and have recommended it to several fellow Realtors that I know in my area. I would recommend www.recr.com to any Realtor that is interested in getting clients. I have enjoyed a steady stream of real, "live" referrals, all of whom have been spoken to already and are ready to speak to me. The customer support staff is very responsive and courteous. All in all, RECR is a wonderful company to work with!"

Tim Montoya

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

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